Monitored Chess Training

Your Chess Training Program Monitored By A Grandmaster

What is the best way to study chess? What books should you read? Should you give more emphasis to calculation, strategy or openings? Or is it better to improve your endgame technique?

These doubts are common and many chessplayers get lost in the middle of so many options, not knowing what books to study, whether to play on the internet, what openings repertoire is the most appropriate to your game and so many other questions.

It is now possible to have the assistance of GM Rafael Leitão using his “monitored training”. In this work, the coach, a 2600+ grandmaster, makes an evaluation of the student’s play, analyzing his recent games, and recommends a complete training program with suggestions of books and other study materials. The student and the coach maintain constant contact via email with weekly weekly instructions, including databases with openings and exercises.


How Monitored Training Works

  • GM Rafael Leitão makes a complete evaluation of the student’s play, analyzing his recent games;
  • The student receives, by email, a report with all instructions about his / her training, including the topics to be studied and bibliographic recommendations. The grandmaster will also make his suggestion about which openings should be studied;
  • Once the training program has been set up, GM Leitão will send recommendations once a week for the training of the week, as well as databases with exercises and games that should be studied. The student will also have his play monitored whenever he is in competition, with his progress being constantly evaluated.


The Advantages of Monitored Training

  • Constant evaluation of the student’s play
  • Training system and schedule prepared and monitored by grandmaster Rafael Leitão
  • Access to exclusive training material
  • Grandmaster guidance on which is the most appropiate openings repertoire


Do you want to know more details about Monitored Training, including the investment needed? Then just click here and send a message requesting more information!